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Find the Right Stuff "UL" Handles and Locks for Your Doors

Quality Commercial locks are tested by the Builders Home Manufacturers Association on all grounds. operational, strength, security, material evaluations, finish, and cycle. You can check the information on the package to find out what the grade of the lock is or you are welcome to contact one of our locksmithing experts.

Trust the Leader Schlage Heavy Duty and Standard Duty Lever Set

In general, Grade 1 locks are the strongest and most durable.

Grade 2 locks are “medium duty,” Most Likely installed on interior doors where security is a concern, such as computer rooms.

Next Grade 3 locks are considered to be “standard duty,” and should be reserved for low-security areas, such as supply closets or other areas not suitable for the public.

At Metro City Locksmith, we can help you with all three grades, as well as ,emergency unlocking services,at your office, washroom or any other space in the Building.

Unexpected Emergency Door and Locks Repairs and Maintenance

as a result to Hard Winter in Toronto and old fashioned doors and locks punctuality affected by this elements, therefore, maintenance one in a while it’s important to check the security and safety of the property.

interested in upgrading from one security grade to the next.

in addition, We are happy to offer master key System services, so your office manager or maintenance department can always have access to important areas No matter what, if a key happens to go missing.

Door Lever Locksets - Door Locks and Deadbolts Suitable

Additionally, we can provide assistance for your office doors without commercial grade levers.
In some cases, we can advise you about our security products, such as key swipes or other locking solutions.
with this in mind, owners may be interested in upgrading these doors to ones with an Mechanical locking system rather than digital

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