Choosing the Best High Security Medeco Locks With Restricted Keys

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Improve Door Security by Upgrade locks Protecting against drill, wrenching, bumping we have all kinds of locks, depending on the door we sell locks Together with installation and adjustment.

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weaknesses of standard Deadbolt and Locksets

keys can be Duplicate by anyone at any home hardware store in the city.

Next damaged lock simple ain’t locking the door and secure your home 

Signing a Lease ?Everything You Need to Know About Apartment Keys

you moved in it’s a good protection to rekey the lock changing the old keys to a new operating key for the same lock 

additionally ask those keys stamped Do Not Duplicate it just simple stamped on them Do Not Duplicate,  for the purpose of no one well make keys to your house, it’s not really any level of security.

Standard Lock Is Your Lock Really Safe?

Standard locks as Schlage Kwikset and Weiser you can buy them in Home Depot or Home Hardware Store Candian Tire or Wallmert.

a standard lock can be picked easily with simple pick tool Or gun pick tool a burglar or someone that did some practice at home and trying to pick locks he well.

 Successfully get them picked  and get entry to houses and apartments.

Lock Bumping Picking Technique

Generally standard locks they all regular cuts on the key and can be fit to deadbolts and door knobs locksets

namely bump key bumped key cuts with a pattern and have unique cuts.

this key can easily unlock many types of locks

now we really get an idea that standard lock not really secure your promises we sure you want to be protected from that.
thinking what other solution might make you feel secure in your home, High Security Locks is the answer

Medeco Design with Peace of Mine Drill and Pick Resistance

The biggest difference between standard locks to high-security locks, have to be the keys that high-security locks have restricted keys with a unique groove on the side as part of the keyway of the key.

Professional Advice High Security Deadbolt Effective?

High-Security Deadbolts is the most effective against burglars to upgrade your Locks to high security level.

simply call metro city locksmith in Toronto,of course we can assist you upgrading your security system around the house or business. moreover to install unique plates on the frame for extra kicking resistance.

Medeco Restricted keys Cutting

Make Copy Of  A key for this reason key can be restricted to Locksmith Company and that means only specific Locksmith Company can cut and create extra keys for that lock for example Medeco deadbolt when you purchase a new medeco cylinder.

medeco maximum or other style of medeco for commercial or residential in the Box you will find warranty and a special card that on this card will have your name and signature and a pin code for the cuts by authorized locksmith


High Security Spare keys for Medeco ASSA Abloy

when you need more keys we simply cut a new key for you by the code this medeco Keys cannot be duplicated, we create with a machine we feed the code and the Machine do the rest cutting a spare key .

Medeco High Security Locks are pick Resistant, Bump Proof, Drill Resistant and made with high-quality material

Medeco Single Cylinder Maxum Deadbolt Lock

Home Is Where You Feel  Safe and Secure get Medeco System
Extremely tough lock high-security locks built with human engineering hard metal shield,against Drilling there is many Brands and style
you probably heard about medeco mul-t-lock or schlage Primus very common in toronto complex buildings .

Metro City Locksmith Medeco Lock Key

High Security locks very special and unique barrow cylinder on the cylinder patent a few grooves and sidebar both parts can really make the lock resistance of burglary or any other person trying to bump they lock using a bumped key 

as you already know above that bumped key can unlock a standard lock high security are resistance from bumping the cylinder any pick tool or key simply because of the sidebar without the right pattern the cylinder lock won’t turn to unlock.

from our experience, in fact all residence and clients that have a Medeco or Multi-lock would never replace it with another security system they will stay with Medeco. high-security locks are really strong locks.

medeco company gives a warranty for life for the functionality of the lock and warranty for the color not to go rust.

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