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Everything You Need to Know About Digital keypad Deadbolt

Security Door and Keyless Entry Locks install by Metro City Locksmith when it comes to keeping your home safe the first line of defense is your exterior doors. make them secure they should all have a deadbolt .Quick and easy for you and your family members to lock and unlock doors

Upgrade Front Door Locks With Keyless Touchpad Door Locks

if you seem to have habit of losing keys or if you have kids in your family you might considering keyless entry system there an affordable easy to use and easy to install whether you're replacing an existing lock installing one on a new door there's several keyless entry to choose

Protect What Matters Keyless Technology Locks

Elctronic keypad Set up individual Codes for Multiple Users

in some cases,keypad on the outside of the door keyless entry system comes with the deadbolt in some cases with lever Part of the handleset easy to use to unlock the door.

easy to change the code and even gain access to a contractor or pet sitter or dog walker from a mobile app technology is awesome

Keyless Digital Deadbolt Installation and Programming

Usually, a door is pre-cut to install the latch slide it into the one-inch hole being short parallel space
using a small chisel for the faceplate chisel just enough some of the plates are flush with the edge of the door close with the appropriate screws,

Installed deadbolt or the doorknob exterior faceplate and touchpad and then through the door inside of the door secure it with the plate and screws
then connect head of the wiring assembly to the battery

Program keyless entry steps change by the model you can choose 2 to 8 digit code punching your desired code from the button on the keypad is that easy.

Best Affordable Keyless Entry System for Homes and Business

There is Nothing More important than Keeping Your Home Safe for Your Family

There's high demand for electronic locks There are approximately 30 styles we grab a checklist of some the best selling keyless here in Canada  from Metro City locksmith company will make it easier for you to take action and let's talk about all your choices .

Upgrade Front Door Locks With Keyless Locks Selection of Electronic Door Lock.

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